At the start of a new decade, it is common to make a splash by proclaiming personal resolutions. Bring in the better!

There’s just one problem. The social media world is one of pretend. We don’t live here.

So here’s my own spin for #seeing2020. I am working on authentic, honest portrayals of my life. Goodbye plastic social media.

Perhaps you could join me in making a better web experience. Choose whatever way works for you. Tag it #seeing2020. The things posted are up to you, but I’d suggest

  • Posting credible sources.
  • Creating daily and sharing the process.
  • Choosing to see good in another or walking away if you cannot.
  • Posting a picture of you or family or home in it’s authentic glory.
  • Engaging in conversation instead of sound bites.

This past week has been hard, summed up best by a big bill to the vet clinic that included a diagnosis of Lyme disease and a uterine prolapse.

Our dog, Linux, is dealing with an unexpected surgery this week.

No new group to join, no membership costs for something that won’t be used. Just an opportunity to share with each other. I hope you join me.