Get your groove back: #committochange

The news is disquieting,

Covid numbers are quite frightening,

If you’ve never been a quitter

and you want to make things better.

Pave your corner of the sky

with a better by-and-by.

Take a moment, pick a cause

Pick a number from some straws.

In your town and in your place

#Committochange and spread some grace.

Are you a difference-maker? Do you want to use your voice and change the status quo? That’s become increasingly difficult for me as the summer moves along. Each day, new concerns arise. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. In short, I’ve been Stella before she got her groove back. And my Hamilton lyrical skills make me think I shouldn’t give up my day job.

After several weeks of struggle, I think I’ve learned something. I do better when I’m working with my communities. Those include the Center for Teaching Quality, my education peeps, my faith, and my political interests. While I’m not able to march, or participate in events like the Iowa Drive for Lives Car Procession, I can support others. I can lift my voice with others. We have gifts of faith, time, talent, or money. In the words of Gandhi, we can become the change we wish to be in the world.

Joining up is as simple as committing to a new habit in the next 60 days. Even better, invite a friend. You know what you can do to make the world better when injustice and inequity are present, but here are some ideas that might help you get started:

  • Option 1: Safety and PPE. With schools starting, safety equipment will be a vital need. Check out a sample Amazon list of safety equipment you could buy and donate to your school here. 
  • Option 2: Are you a writer with a passion for social media and an understanding of systemic racism hoping to educate others about privilege? Check out whitenonsenceroundup.
  • Option 3: Buy a dozen masks from a local business and donate to your local school. (Iowans, Joan Fox does a great job with this.)
    Option 4: Catch up on the movement for equity by a Twitter follow five: @valeriabrownedu, @thejlv, @teachmoore,  #educolor, and #cleartheair .
  • Option 5: Write postcards for a candidate you support by contacting their office and becoming a volunteer. Make your voice heard and support others in their right to vote.
  • Option Kitchen Sink: YOU know what you need to do in your own community. Choose an idea and make yourself accountable by tagging it. Share your own ideas with others as you #committochange  over the next 60 days. #bethechange #makeadifference #shiftstatusquo

Take a chance, make a change, challenge yourself. #readysetgo