It was 30-some years ago, and my spouse and I moved to the family place in NorthEast Iowa. I applied for a position at the local school, but I was not selected. I substituted that year and drove to-and-fro to a position in Cedar Rapids, about 60 miles away.

Fast forward using that VCR tape feature for about 15 years, and I interviewed again. This time, I turned down the position that I was offered because my children begged not to ‘be a teacher’s kid.’ I suppose it’s like a preacher’s kid, but with a bigger stigma since the contact time per week is greater.

And now it’s 2021-22. I had thought I would sunset from teaching at the end of last year, but oddly, my skillset and a part-time need at this same school coincided with my youngest child’s senior year. Meanwhile, our family has taken up residence in Muscatine, a lovely community where my spouse is called to be a Rector. My daughter’s desire to graduate from the same school that her brother and sisters did has brought me full circle to that same place I was 30 years ago.

I’m incredibly grateful to the school board and administration for welcoming me to this place, in this last year of my children’s education. It’s a strange feeling to know that our kids will have been attending this institution, Starmont, since the Fall of 1998, but this will be a year of finish lines of a sort. Here’s to enjoying the race and pacing ourselves along the journey.