Marcia Powell  Current Resume

Nutshell: I’m an experienced science and social studies geek, writer and content creator. I believe in the power of integrative technology. In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors, working with others, reading and learning new things. I’d love to help bring your content to life or help you with your next presentation.

The Whole Tree:  Need a change agent or a person who will doggedly persist to help get you ready for your next big project? Contact me via form or email me.

What makes me happy is investing in the education of people across the spectrum of abilities and interests. I’m an advocate for social justice and equity. Along the way, I like to create experiences that are fun and reflective. I’ll be happy to sit down with you, look at the end goals, and develop a roadmap to get you there.  Along the way, we’ll work to build community, a space with laughter, and an environment that allows learners to reach that goal in multiple ways.

Writing Interests

  • blogging
  • content writing
  • development of career and technical curricula
  • research or white papers
  • fact-checking
  • short articles
  • web content
  • assessment development


  • reflective processes
  • pedagogy
  •  instructional strategies
  • assessment development
  • grant writing

UX Research

  • interviews and coding
  • survey development and implementation
  • A/B testing
  • interfaith understanding
  • readability analysis
  • mind maps
  • wireframes
  • simple sketching and logo ideas

Awards and Recognition

  • Friend of Iowa World Language Association, 2015
  • 2013 Iowa Finalist, PAEMST
  • NGSS@NSTA Curator
  • Discovery Educator Network Teacher
  • Best Buy Technology Educator
  • Teaching Channel Teacher Network
  • Digital Promise Teacher Network